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Q. How do I get a quote?

A. You can email us in the contacts page or get in touch via facebook or chat with your requirements.

Q. Do you also sell clothing?

A. Yes we do. We source clothing directly from big brand names and can offer you really competitive prices for just about any piece of garment.

Q. Is there anything you canprint on?

A. Yes and No! Any material that is porous (for instance a sponge), or any material that is very small (for instance a pin head) will result in diminished print quality. Most mainstream applications like t-shirts, mugs, mousemats and so on are perfectly suitable for printing, furhtermore with the introduction of Hydrographics into our business we can now effective “wrap” a print design around any shape or surface (i.e. irregular metalic objects like car spoilers wheels and so on).  

Q. Is there anything you wouldnt print?

A. Yes and No! Any material or logo that is supplied by you to us for printing must be either owned by you or you must have, and be able to provide us with, written permission by the copyright holder expressely allowing you  to use it. What that means is that simply we must be satisfied that we are not breaking the law prior to supplying you with any printed or embroidered goods! In most cases this requirement wouldn’t even come into play, for example if you own a small shop and asked us to embroider the name of your business into some t-shirts you wouldn’t need to provide us with anything other than your order! On the other hand if you want 1000 t-shirts with the Raplh Lauren logo on the breast pocket we would ask to see some proof that you are acting on behalf of that company and you are not asking us to produce counterfeit goods. We would always discuss your requirement prior to commencing production of an order. If you are uncertain whether what you want is possible drop us a line anytime.

Q. How can I pay for an order?

A. We accept a number of payments methods. Just ask.

Q. Can you design a logo for me?

A. Yes we can! We have years of experience in creating logos and bespoke graphics for all kinds of applications! Get in touch of a quote!

Q. What is the minimum order for a bespoke print/embroidery job?

A. Unlike other providers we do not believe in minimum orders. We believe in customer satisfaction. Get in touch with your requirements for a quick quote!

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